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Pigtail Macaques for sale | Buy Pigtail Macaque Monkey

The Pig-Tailed Macaque is also known as the Red-Bellied Macaque or the Bili-Bili. They are native to Indonesia and Malaysia. They have a very short tail that is only about 3” in length. They are considered to be one of the least aggressive species of macaques. They have a lifespan of about 25 years in captivity and can weigh up to 20 lbs when fully grown. Pigtail Macaques for sale, Buy Pigtail Macaque, Pigtail Macaque for sale, Pigtail Macaque for sale near me, pigtail Macaque price

Pig-Tailed Macaques are native to Indonesia and Malaysia where they live in the forested areas of both countries. They spend most of their time in trees and will even sleep there at night if possible. They live in large groups called troops consisting of 10 to 100 individuals which include both males and females as well as young offspring. The groups stay together because they travel together in search of food or shelter from predators such as tigers or leopards.

Pigtail Macaques for sale, buy Pigtail Macaque, Pigtail Macaques for sale, Pigtail Macaque for sale near me, pigtail Macaque price

You are looking at a very beautiful pair of pigtail macaques. These two female monkeys were born on May 7th 2019. They are bottle-fed and hand-reared by a professional zoo keeper. Their father was an alpha male at the zoo. Both parents had been raised at this zoo since they were babies. All of their papers are in order and ready to be transported anywhere in the world with no issues whatsoever!

Pigtail Macaque for sale | Pigtail Macaque for sale near me | pigtail Macaque price

The first thing you’ll notice about these monkeys is how soft their fur is. They have thick fur that makes them look like little teddy bears! You will also notice how curious they are; they love to explore new things and get into trouble! Because they are so active, they need a lot of stimulation outside of the cage which can be provided by placing lots of toys inside their enclosure or allowing them to interact with other animals in your home (if applicable). Pigtail Macaques for sale, Buy Pigtail Macaque, Pigtail Macaque for sale, Pigtail Macaque for sale near me, pigtail Macaque price

Pigtail Macaque for sale, buy Pigtail Macaque, Pigtail Macaques for sale, Pigtail Macaque for sale near me, pigtail Macaque price

Pigtail Macaques are one of the most popular primates in captivity and also one of the most common species of primates found in zoos. These monkeys are very social and curious creatures that enjoy spending time with their owners. They love to play and interact with people, especially children.

Pigtails are very intelligent and they are able to learn new things quickly. In fact, they are able to learn sign language! However, they can sometimes be stubborn and difficult to train because they want to do things their own way instead of following instructions from their owners.

Baby  Macaques for sale – Macaques for sale near me

Pigtails are also very clean animals who like to groom themselves throughout the day by scratching themselves with their hands or teeth or even using twigs as tools for grooming purposes. They spend about 15-20% of their day grooming themselves which means that you will need a lot of time if you want your pigtails to stay clean!

Pigtails live up to 20 years in captivity but this may vary depending on how well cared for they are by their owners.

Pigtail Macaques for sale, Buy Pigtail Macaque, Pigtail Macaque for sale, Pigtail Macaque for sale near me, pigtail Macaque price

Pigtail Macaque is one of the most popular species of monkeys. These primates are considered to be very intelligent, energetic and curious. They can be trained easily and they are very good pets for people who want to keep a monkey at home.

Pigtail Macaques are native to South East Asia, specifically in Indonesia and other parts of Asia. They have been kept as pets for many centuries by humans, but it was only during the 20th century that these animals became very popular as exotic pets in America and Europe.

Pigtail Macaque for sale – Macaques for sale near me

If you are looking for a new pet that will keep you happy for years then you should consider buying a pigtail macaque. These primates are very friendly, loving and playful creatures that will make an excellent addition to any family or household. Their intelligence level is quite high so they can easily be trained to perform tricks like sitting on command or even walking on a leash like dogs do!


Pigtail Macaques for sale, Buy Pigtail Macaque, Pigtail Macaque for sale, Pigtail Macaque for sale near me, pigtail Macaque price

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9 reviews for Pigtail Macaques for sale

  1. Liz

    I had never heard of wellbreedapes until I used the service so I was sceptical. But now that my pigtail macaque is home and settled in I can honestly say that wellbreedapes is an excellent service.The issues I had have been noted by John and I feel good about the results. A+ to customer service and travel departments.

  2. Rebecca Langston

    I was introduced to Wellbreedapes by a work collegaie. I was impressed how the adoption process was straight forward and direct.
    Once I identified my baby, it was a either a pigtail or a macaque, after that decision was made everything else was simple. I chose a Pigtail and have re-named him Cooper. I have had him going on 3 weeks.
    I know I am bias but he is perfect and now 13 weeks old.
    Thank you John for making my dreams come true.

  3. Anne Kyriazis

    Our experience was remarkable with wellbreedapes. John was professional and a pleasure to work with. Our Macaque flew from FL to MI and the experience was nothing but amazing. Our pigtail monkey is thriving and doing well.

  4. Joanne Knoche

    We absolutely LOVE our new Baby, Diego!!

    The positives about wellbreedapes: it is super easy to reserve a monkey, and the consierges were lovely, responsive and helpful. They worked with us and provided all the information we needed to be prepared (as much as possible) for his arrival. He is clearly very well loved and super happy and healthy. We are grateful for that.

    The not so good: We reached out on several occasions for answers to questions from the breeder, only to get no response.

    Pet transport is a great idea, and super helpful. The drivers were very kind, and clearly love the Monkey. They were great and communicated well.

    However, delivery was in the middle of the night, which was a difficult way to start off with our Monkey. It took a number of days for him to be able to relax after the trauma of 36 hours of travel.

    All in all, we are very happy, and so grateful to have our new family member safe and sound with us.

  5. Jefferson

    Everything from beginning to end was made very clear and simple. We received a very happy, healthy, and spoiled monkey we can’t wait to spoil more! Thank you for making this possible!

  6. Amy

    The process was smooth and easy. My money was secure and my Macaque was well taken care of during transport. My only suggestion is the delivery time frame should be a 2 hour window. The transport van arrived about about an hour early and I needed to leave work to meet them. Otherwise the process was terrific and my baby is adorable and already a part of our family ❤️

  7. Nettie Crossland

    I had a wonderful experience with the breeder. He was very knowledgeable and answer all my questions. He was kind to update us with pictures and videos . The process very simple and easy. My baby arrived safe and happy.

  8. Frank

    After adopting my Macaque from John, my life has been transformed! Chico Blake, as I named him, has proven to be an excellent companion with an amiable disposition. He quickly adapted to my schedule and I make sure to take him to various public areas to expose him to new people and surroundings, which he handles with ease. Chico Blake is a delightful and energetic pup who is both intelligent and obedient. Although he can be a little reserved in outdoor environments, he is playful and affectionate at home. I am grateful to John for bringing such a loving and well-mannered monkey into my life.

  9. Becca

    Inspite of the mix up in Friday’s delivery date which was to be on a Tues – the breeder did not get her to the shippers on time so the date for delivery changed to the following Friday, and I had to scramble to make the delivery on the following Friday. The paperwork for my new Monkey was clear and helpful through out the entire adoption was clear and most helpful. Thank you !

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