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Macaque Monkeys For Sale – Exotic Pets for Sale

Macaque Monkeys For Sale, Where can you get your ideal Diaper Trained & Housebroken Intelligent Baby Macaque Monkeys that have been described as quite gentle? These monkeys are ready to leave right now, complete with all paperwork and a six-month health warranty. Welcome to Tamed Monkey Breeders, where you can locate your ideal intelligent baby Macaque Monkey for sale, recognized for being incredibly nice, healthy, and loving everyone, as well as being very attractive with rich colors and hair-coats. baby macaque for sale, macaque monkey for sale, buy macaque baby monkey, macaque monkey to buy

For Sale Baby Monkeys – Macaque Monkeys For Sale

We have the highest quality, best-socialized kids available, as well as the most extensive after-sales assistance program in the industry, which includes training techniques, diet prep, and information. We also give full continuous after-sale support, cage design, and all aspects of care. Very attractive and healthy.
Buy Macaque Monkeys as Pets for you. We breed only the best quality and all our monkeys are super adorable and will make good pets.

Macaque Monkeys For Sale – Java macaque monkeys

When your monkey is out of his cage, you’ll need to keep a close eye on him. Remember that they, like us, have an opposable thumb and are capable of manipulating objects. They’ll figure out how to open the cage door, drawers, and refrigerator, among other things. You must treat them like if they were a two-year-old who gets into everything. Make a monkey-proof space for you and him to spend time together. A swing can be suspended from the ceiling, ropes can be strung from wall to wall, and various toys can be scattered about the space. Pet monkey for sale, monkeys for sale, can i buy a monkey


Macaque Monkeys For Sale – macaque monkey for sale 

Commercial primate diets are available, however they may need to be special ordered through a local feed store. Monkeys, like omnivorous mammals, appreciate aety in their diet. Crickets, grasshoppers, and meal worms, as well as fresh fruits and some human food, can be fed to him. Before you feed anything to your monkey, be sure it isn’t poisonous. macaque monkey for sale, buy macaque baby monkey, macaque monkey to buy

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5 reviews for Macaque Monkeys For Sale

  1. Michelle Puckett

    Despite the 1 day delay in delivery, the team assigned to assist us was exceptionally kind and made the entire process easy and enjoyable. We were delighted to find our perfect Macaques on Wellbreedapes and would highly recommend their services to anyone in search of a new family member.

  2. Sara Yans

    Perfect Experience !
    Everything and everyone were great. I am very pleased with the whole process and I love my Monkey so much. He is perfect, precious and so so Adorable. Thank you for helping me find my perfect baby.

  3. Gina L

    All my worries melted away seeing them in the website moving state to state delivering Monkeys on the route in real time. The drivers were so great and understanding of Monkeys parents and give updates.

  4. Rob

    Adopting a Monkey from Wellbreedapes was complicated stringent and involved. However, this made me feel like they were a serious company, concerned with the Monkey’s health and future. It was a good experience and they delivered on their promises.

  5. Tim and Virginia

    Very helpful. Our Macaque arrived when scheduled and was healthy and happy. Great Vet visit, no problems. She is just the smartest, cutest little girl

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