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Baby Kinkajous For Sale Online

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Kinkajous For Sale – Exotic Animals For Sale

We have baby kinkajous for sale online! Hand raised in a zoological facility, used in encounters, sweet and ready to go right now. We are a licensed facility.


Baby Kinkajous For Sale Online – Kinkajous for Sale Florida

Kinkajou For Sale Online. In Florida, we have Baby kinkajous for sale online and can arrange transportation for out-of-state residents! Our kinkajou infants have been socialised thoroughly, are healthy, and will come with personalised feeding instructions. kinkajou for sale, baby kinkajou, kinkajou pet for sale, buy a kinkajou, how much does a kinkajou cost, kinkajou for sale near me

Kinkajous for sale are a rainforest animal in the Procyonidae family, which includes olingos, coatis, raccoons, ringtails, and cacomistles. It is also known as the “honey bear” since it is the only member of the photos family (a name that it shares with the sun bear). Kinkajous are commonly mistaken for ferrets or monkeys, however they are not related.

This largely frugivorous, arboreal mammal, native to Central and South America, is not an endangered species, however it is rarely seen by humans due to its strict nocturnal habits. However, they are hunted for the pet trade, as well as for their fur (wallets and saddles) and meat. They’re also in high demand among exotic pet owners.

Baby Kinkajous for sale New York – Adopt a Baby Kinkajous

The Baby Kinkajous for sale online is predominantly a nocturnal creature, spending the day dozing in tree hollows or dense foliage in the upper levels of the forest. Although the kinkajou is a carnivore, it feeds primarily on fruits. They spend approximately 90% of their active time eating a variety of fruits. Kinkajous will pick and devour ripe fruit whenever it is available.

Flowers and nectar, young leaves and buds, insects, tiny vertebrates, honey, and birds’ eggs make up the remaining 10% of the kinkajou’s diet.

Baby Kinkajous For Sale Online

Baby Kinkajou For Sale Online – Buy Kinkajou For Sale Online

Baby Kinkajous for sale online is available for purchase on the internet. Kinkajous are little animals that weigh between 3 and 10 pounds. They can grow to be as long as 24 inches. Their tail can grow to be up to 22 inches in length. They have a thick fur coat that has a wooly touch to it. The color ranges from light brown to grey gray.

They have a gray undercoat as well. Although the ears are little, the eyes are huge. They have five toes on each of their short yet muscular legs. They have razor-sharp claws as well.

Kinkajous are native to Central and South America’s tropical forests, where they spend the majority of their time in the trees. If properly raised and from an early age, they can make an AMAZING pet. They enjoy climbing and need a wide enclosure with a variety of toys for enrichment and mental stimulation. They are mostly nocturnal creatures. The average person lives for 23 years. Adults weigh between 3.1 and 10 pounds.

Feeding And Caring of a Baby Kinkajou – Baby Kinkajous for Sale Online 

The Baby Kinkajous for sale online eat by strolling around with fruits, berries, and plant life in their hands. As a result, they serve a critical role in seed dispersal across the jungle. This type of effort helps to ensure that food will be available in the future for them and other living animals to eat. Kinkajous eat everything. Ours are given a variety of fruits, veggies, and protein (with the exception of strawberries, which some people are allergic to). kinkajou pet for sale

Baby Kinkajous for sale online are primarily frugivores (fruit eaters) but still require a source of protein making them more omnivorous.  In the wild, these animals consume fruits, nectars, some vegetation, insects, eggs, frogs, and blossoms.

Generally, these animals are very sweet and docile (except around play time) but they can be very territorial around feeding time and will often let out a high pitched shriek which is their feeding call.  Heavy ceramic bowls, especially ones that can be attached to the side of the cage.  Likewise, a large heavy water bottle with a heavy duty sipper tube is desirable to prevent water bowls being flipped and befouled.

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Typically a captive kinkajou will have a diet that consists of:

  • 1-2 cups (depending on size of the kinkajou) fresh in season TROPICAL fruits
  • 4-6 monkey biscuits/chow such as Zupreem Primate Dry Diet
  • ¼ – ½ cup fresh in season vegetables and plant blossoms
  • Protein source (insects, cooked chicken or turkey, quail eggs, high quality dog foods)

As these animals are from tropical areas all attempts should be made to feed a diet based on tropical fruits:

  • Bananas (a favorite!)
  • Papayas
  • Mangos
  • Melons
  • Kiwis
  • Grapes
  • Pomegranates
  • Cherimoyas
  • Figs

Items to avoid feeding kinkajous are:

  • Dairy.  Although many advocate feeding yogurt and cottage cheese, these animals are not equipped physically to digest dairy.  Essentially, kinkajous are lactose intolerant.
  • Citrus.  These fruits are too acidic for kinkajous to handle in large quantities.  These can be fed however as treats.
  • Strawberries.  These fruits are not native to natural territories and there are several consistent reports of these fruits causing allergic reactions in kinkajous.  Although these may be anomalies it is better to avoid feeding these fruits.
  • Avocados.  Although there are no reports of avocados causing issues in kinkajous directly to the author’s knowledge but other species of animals have had issues.  Until further research is performed, it may be worth avoiding feeding this.
  • Onions.  These have been known to cause renal issues in other species and are best avoided.
  • Cauliflower and Broccoli.  Avoid these foods to prevent excessive gas in the gastrointestinal tract.

Baby Kinkajous for sale online – How does a Kinkajou cost

A favorite of Baby Kinkajous for sale online keepers is the “kinkajou smoothie”.  This is fruits, vegetables, nectar, and juices being tossed into the blender and then frozen in ice cube trays or popsicle trays.  Aloe vera juice and 100% fruit juices are excellent additions to the “smoothie”.  Lightly defrost before serving.

Baby Kinkajous For Sale Online benefit from an outdoor AND indoor enclosure.  Outdoor enclosures need to be escape and predator proof and offer a shelter where the kinkajou can escape inclement weather.  If the temperature drops under 60 degrees a heated area must be offered as these are tropical animals.

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3 reviews for Baby Kinkajous For Sale Online

  1. Heather

    We brought home our baby kinkajou a week ago and we could not be happier. The wellbreedapes team was so communicative and helpful as we handled the various potential challenges that can arise with getting a kinkajou. I appreciated the team’s responsiveness and their dedication to ensuring their puppies have a safe and loving home. I was so impressed with their customer service and would recommend them to anyone looking to get a new kinkajou!

  2. Steve Anderson

    I purchased a 9 weeks old Kinkajou from wellbreedapes. I really enjoyed doing business with them. Everyone was very professional, cordial and knowledgeable. They were informative and explained the whole process in detail. I will definitely recommend Mybirdsnow to all my friends looking to purchase a Kinkajou. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dianne O.

    Having a Kinkajou from this breeder changed our lives.Every day we start with laugh and joy watching this adorable,playful and in the same time so smart.
    They also grew up in the family with kids, so they are very child friendly.We highly recomend this breeder.

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