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About Us

We do not just breed for numbers and profit. We breed with the highest ethical standards, superior husbandry and specific goals in mind.

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Our Story

Who We ARE

Well Breed Apes Ranch is a family-owned and run USDA-licensed breeding and private zoological facility founded by Dr. John Swalsh. Our objective is to provide the best possible husbandry and care for our animals while also sharing our passion for exotics through education and endangered and threatened species protection. Across 1,600 acres of magnificent Texas hill country, dozens of exotic species are cared for. Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and Java Monkeys are just a few of the African and European hoofstock that graze freely through our vast pastures. When they aren’t lazy lying in the sun, Kinkajous and Tamarins like long walks. Lemurs, vervets, marmosets, and other smaller exotics spend their days frolicking in their lush outdoor habitats.

Even the tiniest of nocturnal mammals, Finger Monkey, Spider Monkey, and sugar gliders, call Well Breed Apes Ranch their home!

Our Locations

USA :214 Abnaki Road, North Hero, Vermont (VT) 05474

Sweden : Solnavägen 1E, 113 65 Stockholm

In the Spotlight

What We Do

Several species are selectively bred, raised, and tamed before being placed in approved private residences, zoos, or exotic ranches. Many of them are even kept here under our care or to better the genetics of the species we raise through our numerous captive breeding programs. We believe in going above and above to deliver the healthiest and nicest exotic pets possible. We prioritize customer care at Well Breed Apes Ranch, and all of our infants come with lifetime assistance and, in many cases, health guarantees.

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We don’t merely breed for the sake of increasing our numbers and profit. We breed with the highest ethical standards in mind, as well as outstanding husbandry and specific purposes. Our breeding objectives are to increase the species’ health, disposition, and physical characteristics, which include but are not limited to conformation, unique markings, and striking coloration. We track lineages to minimize inbreeding and recognized genetic health concerns, as well as to selectively breed for desirable qualities. Our comprehensive breeding operations for pedigreed capuchin and spider monkeys enable us to have beautiful, friendly newborns ready for adoption all year. Hand-raised infants from our lemurs, orangutan, tamains, chimpanzee, and macaque, golden snub nose monkey, coatimundi, porcupines, and finger monkeys are also available seasonally.

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